A catholic and protestant response

A catholic and protestant response

It also has additional sections in Esther and Daniel. While I know something about this faith tradition, and have many disagreements with aspects of it, I have long been willing to work with Catholics. Let me also say a word about theology and individual salvation.

To a lesser degree, though, so does everyone who names the name of Christ. But I find no reason thus far having been a Christian now for 46 years to consider leaving my theological tent.

Indeed, I often find myself discussing with Catholics what they sometimes seem to not know much about from their own church tradition on some key issues. There are rather several tens of thousands of different denominations around the world.

My many Catholic friends should know this by now and my Protestant friends too! Martin Luther always disliked the term Lutheran, preferring the term evangelical, which was derived from euangelion, a Greek word meaning "good news", i.

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And I realise it is not only some Catholics who will want to do this, seeing me as an estranged brother, if not a heretic, but some evangelicals as well who will claim I am not being tough enough on Catholicism. To save us, He remakes us in His likeness — a lifelong process requiring our cooperation — so that we can once again think and love as He thinks and loves. They possess the requisite authority to carry out these responsibilities. Education was foremost in the minds of many of the leaders of the Counter-Reformation. My many Catholic friends should know this by now and my Protestant friends too! The life, death and resurrection of Jesus offer us, through the forgiveness of our sins, escape from eternal punishment. I may well know more about it than many at least nominal Catholics do. As to whether an individual Catholic is a Christian that is, genuinely born again and headed to heaven , that is something no one can know with absolute assurance — only God knows fully the human heart and can make that judgment. The first, Scripture, is the written Word of God. So I pray.

There may be just as much division, disunity and schism in the Catholic world as there is in the Protestant world. Some mainline denominations are exceptions to that rule, of course, and there exist strong hints if not much more than that of systemic violations among the Sovereign Grace Church network.

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Paul Thigpen Paul Thigpen is an award-winning journalist and the best-selling author of forty-four books. The Protesting Speyer, part of the Luther Monument in Worms Protestant[ edit ] Six princes of the Holy Roman Empire and rulers of fourteen Imperial Free Citieswho issued a protest or dissent against the edict of the Diet of Speyerwere the first individuals to be called Protestants.

Early calls for reform grew out of criticism of the worldly attitudes and policies of the Renaissance popes and many of the clergy. While I of course think theology is very important indeed, it has not been my God-given role thus far to repeat the endless debates that have transpired over the past years on these matters.

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So I figured I might as well turn it into a full-fledged article, something I can refer folks to when I am next asked the same question. I have many close Catholic friends who on occasion I discuss these matters with. This process finds its completion only in heaven, where eternal life is enjoyed in perfect harmony with Him. Capable priests were needed for the education of the faithful, and, thus, seminaries multiplied to prepare the clergy for a more austere life in the service of the church. I pray for the watching world, that they would still know that there is a loving, holy, good God in heaven who will execute justice and who still offers them eternal life in Christ. For the most part, though, just as Protestant churches are more independent than Catholic churches, sexual abuse problems in Protestantism are more likely to be disconnected, isolated instances rather than denominational issues. Comments should be brief preferably under words , polite, constructive and informed. These reformers emphasised preaching and made it a centerpiece of worship. The Roman Inquisition , an agency established in to combat heresy , was more successful in controlling doctrine and practice than similar bodies in those countries where Protestant princes had more power than the Roman Catholic Church.
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A Protestant’s Response to Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church