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Dickens is now so completely synonymous with the grim, murky streets of London that I did feel slightly lost as I tried to adapt to the different surroundings. Not the grotesque ones — Miss Havisham, Mrs Micawber and other delicious monsters.

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Publisher: Penguin English Library. Somehow, Dickens equates this view of the world to our utilitarian principles, and his utilitarian side is revealed when he forces his daughter Louisa to marry Mr.

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Works Cited Dickens, Charles. Forty teeth, namely twenty-four grinders, four eye-teeth, and twelve incisive.

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The choice results of his experiment are Louisa, who marries a blustering tycoon she does not love and is tempted within an inch of adultery by an immoral playboy; and Thomas Jr. In many ways, I do not feel that novel is as well crafted as various other works from Dickens. Upon returning, he finds Rachel caring for his wife [21] , using what is likely to be a poisonous liquid [22] [23] , and stays until three o'clock [24]. Set in a northern mill-town rather than Dickens's usual London, Hard Times tackles politics in an uncharacteristically rigorous fashion, bringing it closer to Disraeli's Sybil than Pickwick Papers. Dickens writes of Mr. One is exposed as a fraud. When a sum of money goes missing from the bank, Stephen is the first person suspected by the town Big Wig, Gradgrind's boss and Lousia's husband, Mr Bounderby. Harmondsworth: Penguin,

They lack self-knowledge. However, I do have a few opinions to extend on this novel that I would be sharing here. Bounderby is a manufacturer and mill owner who is affluent as a result of his enterprise and capital.

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Sparsit for misleading him.

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Book review: “Hard Times” by Charles Dickens