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His training cover not only workouts but dietary changes that are sustainable. Grace Lim Attorney I've been training at Fitness Together for the last 20 months and I have had and continue to have a really great experience. I now enjoy the process of exercising at home, when I always disliked going to the gym.

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Those were the days! Kelly is an excellent ambassador of the facility. Melissa wants to get in shape and show him what he is missing.

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My trainer Kelly is not only vested in my progress, but she customizes my program each session so that I'm safely back on the road to recovery. Paul bravely agreed to take us both on, with joint sessions. Jul 10, Pat rated it it was amazing The storyline was well written and the characters were so well developed that as I turned each and every page I felt like the characters jumped from the pages and pulled me right into their story as it effortlessly unfolded!

I thank everyone from Fitness Together to help me be able to look at the scale and my body and not cringe. My aim is to listen, educate, and teach the people I work with and help them by providing sustainable solutions to help them achieve their goals.

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She gets a whole lot more. By looking at what, when and how much I ate, I became aware of habits that I had been blissfully unaware of. I loved working with my clients on a basis. Here are a few examples. From the first day, my entire program was centered on me in order to meet my personal goals. Tyler offered to be Melissa's trainer after hours and told her he would help her. But ONE thing is for sure Watching Progress Another common reason cited as the best part of being a personal trainer is the fact that you get to watch someone make progress and improve. I remember once watching Rocky 4 the one with Ivan Drago! Tell us the best part of your job. Going from wanting to get revenge on her ex to lusting over the personal trainer, Melissa's life just got really interesting.

I feel very fortunate to train with Paul and wholeheartedly recommend him as a Personal Trainer. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Many independent trainers have remarked about how great it is to have complete control over your own life and finances, and how enjoyable it is to be your own boss.

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Why I Became A Personal Trainer : My Story So Far…