A study on the link between abortion and crime

abortion reduces crime statistics

Alfred Blumstein, J. If you look at the serious criticisms that have been leveled against the Donohue-Levitt hypothesis, virtually all of them revolve around this spike in homicide by young men in the late s-early s. His response in Slate completely side-stepped the fact that I had destroyed his core argument.

Does abortion necessarily mean committing a crime

So this is exactly what the Donohue-Levitt theory predicts. Black Males would be even more encouraged. Not conceiving an unwanted baby is equally effective in reducing unwantedness as having an abortion. But a person born in would be part of a cohort that was affected. In addition, Lott and Whitley pointed out that using arrest rate data to proxy crime rates is flawed because arrest for murder can take place many months or even years after the crime occurred. Besides there is still the argument that you cannot prove what you prevent. A critic had brought up that abortion rates among white women were declining and asked if Levitt would expect a rise in crime among white teenagers. Statistician David Murray confirms that young males between the ages of 17 and 25 commit the majority of crimes. Crack is like El Nino, it comes in with a fury and then largely disappears. Additionally, Russia, with the highest abortion rate on earth, has experienced a tidal wave of every kind of violent crime following the breakup of the Soviet Union. For children of teenage mothers, childhood conditions especially harsh punishment explain the results. What a pity our culture has gotten to the point where we feel that the job of the doctor is to end life. This is a narrow and short-sighted view, completely neglecting the benefits each person contributes to society. I joined the military after losing my academic scholarship.

Table 2. In the end, though, DL p. Am I a patriotic chest thumper? And did this particular subject come up?

The impact of legalized abortion on crime: comment

Donohue and Levitt finished their NBER paper less than two weeks ago and are still refining it for submission to peer-reviewed journals. Not at all, according to Donohue. To anyone who actually made it this far, I applaud you for your patience. The impact of legalized abortion on crime is a lot like global warming — it is slow and steady and grows a little year by year. Also see the National Post online, May 17, Crime is not programmed into our DNA. In fact the actual correlations, depending on the crime category, range between -. Black Males would be even more encouraged. Once other crime-associated factors were properly controlled for, they claimed that the effect of abortion on arrests was reduced by about half. Even Ted Joyce, our critic, acknowledges that the basic patterns in the data we report are there, which Lott and Whitley were trying to challenge. A paper in Criminal Justice Policy Review cautions against using events that happen on an individual level — such as a person having never been born into a situation that might have led them to want or need to commit crime — to draw broad conclusions — such as that abortion legalization accounts for a huge drop in national crime rates. Were the researchers just trying to stir up controversy with their results? If one compares states that had high abortion rates in the mid s to states that had low abortion rates in the mid s, you see the following patterns with crime.

The magnitude.

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New research linking abortion and crime reduction resurfaces old debate