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Here the artist, who grew up in communist China, indulges in apprehension of this traumatic experience both in jest and earnest. Historically famous for its kilns and for the production of imperial porcelain, this region is still known for its high quality porcelain production. Is it kitsch? For more information about Faurschou Foundation, please visit www. For Ai Weiwei, 'Sunflower Seeds' is one piece of art that is composed of million pieces of art. The myriad sunflower seeds — each unique yet apparently the same — can be seen to evoke the quest for individuality in a rapidly transforming society. It alludes to the globalization and mass production in China that caters to western consumerism, and to the deemed insignificant element at the bottom of the production chain - thousands of cheap labors, assembly lines in gigantic factories, and tedious procedures. Their empty shells were the ephemeral traces of social activity. Absurdly, 'Sunflower Seeds' provided work for 1, artisans in Jingdenzhen, a fact that is an ironic reflection of the social reality. So much more than a snack, it was the minimal ingredient that constituted the most essential needs and desires. Further reading Charles Merewether ed. This can be explained through his work- Sunflower seeds, a total work made up of millions of individual pieces which together form a single unique surface. The crowd will have its way, eventually. However, Ai described them as more than just a snack, as during the revolution, sunflower seeds satisfied so many in hunger Debin A life time of anger against what the Government did to his family, the brutal history he wanted to forget, to destroy maybe, all in the simple act of breaking an urn.

Ai Weiwei, According to What? At the time, the image of Mao Zedong on propaganda posters was likened to the sun, under which blossomed the people of China Clunas The sense of community was brought back when Weiwei had more than local artists make his seeds.

The fabrication of the seeds was carried out in the city of Jingdezhen in northern Jiangxi, a region of China south of Beijing.

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The association here with the hopes and savage disappointments of the time, both spiritual and material, was unmistakable.

Fig 9 The ideas, Weiwei said, is open to personal interpretation. In 'Sunflower Seeds', we can also get a glimpse of the relationship between the individual and the collective implied in 'Fairytale'the adapt inheritance of traditional techniques in 'Through'the symbolic and metaphoric appliance of materials in 'World Map'and his influential outspoken publicity through the social network.

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Influenced by the likes of Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol as well as Duchamp, he also draws influence from his cultural roots and from current events.

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Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seeds