Americans strive to maintain peace and equality

Young women are also 6 percent more likely to vote than young men. Something of the same kind may be observed between nations: two nations having the same aristocratic social condition may remain thoroughly distinct and extremely different, because the spirit of aristocracy is to retain strong individual characteristics; but if two neighboring nations have the same democratic social condition, they cannot fail to adopt similar opinions and manners, because the spirit of democracy tends to assimilate men to each other.

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We should not only have opportunities to get ahead — we should all have the same chance of ending up at the top. In a country such as ours which upholds the idea of equality of opportunity, people will inevitably set their sights on eliminating the barriers that prevent people from competing for positions and getting ahead in life.

Edited by F. Dye ed. New York: Encounter Books.

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How long would it take for chaos to set in?

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Democratic Values