An overview of by the waters of babylon a novel by stephen vincent benet

Active Themes The priests teach John chants, spells, and other secrets.

Although John is hungry, he does not hunt. Also, if it is not in an anthology, I would have to print it out or have students read it off their tablets…provided they have those. They were held in high esteem and they also had the power to perform tasks that were deemed impossible by the common man. He found the elevator, and also an array of books that were not readable to him. Consider the following line. The narrator is John himself, who traversed on the forlorn path to acquire knowledge. Themes Avoiding Apocalypse John journeys through the forest for eight days and crosses the river Ou-dis-sun. From then on, John's brothers showed him new respect, giving him the finest piece of meat and the warmest place at the fire. Nearby, he sees a ruined marble statue of a man or a god who as long hair pulled back into a ponytail. They are called Hill People. This was a new beginning of a new journey. He can see what were once god-roads that crossed the river. When he reaches the road, he notices that other dogs are behind the first one. He saw the gods and saw motion everywhere.

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If he had perceived it with his body, he would have died. He saw all for himself, he saw the vision which explained to him that how the war had taken place, and how men died of the many weapons that were used freely.

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As he walked, he always wanted to increase his knowledge, to end the burn of knowledge in him. There was devastation all around.

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When a person cannot explain an event or a condition, he may attribute it to spirits or magic, as John does until he learns the truth about the world around him. John, the son of a priest, has entered Dead Places with his father. John also becomes a priest. John rowed across the river, swam across it, and was now right on the land of the Place of God. John discovered that he could handle the metal without being harmed, and his father took this as a sign that John would become a priest one day. The priests of John's people the hill people are inquisitive people associated with the divine. This article will summarize the many encounters John had during his voyage, the biggest encounter being his realization of truth, which was a total antithesis of the popular belief. He had never seen a fight such as this he was witnessing. John said to him that he had done the forbidden. One is a white fawn. It was fascinating for him to see the marvel with his own eye. He made a raft and began to cross the river, singing his death song. When he sees a box of wood and a fireplace, he builds a fire and goes to sleep in front of it. By The Waters of Babylon - Summary Setting the story The story begins by informing the reader about the list of things that are forbidden to be done by the commoners. The land is known to the tribe as the 'land of the Gods'.

He looked at me with both eyes but I had not run away. It was fascinating for him to see the marvel with his own eye.

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It is forbidden to go east, but I have gone, forbidden to go on the great river, but I am there. Later, he was allowed to go to the Dead Places and get metal alone. There were also towers and buildings which stood in ruins, though all not broken. They are called Hill People. He feels cold and clammy, but his ambition and desire for knowledge burns like a fire within him. It was their signs of devastation that remained on the other side of the river. Now, John decides that he will look for this kind of food rather than hunt since he has already done many things that were forbidden and come to no harm. He can see what were once god-roads that crossed the river. The great Discovery - Ou-dis-sun This was the mighty river that was not to be crossed.

At the end of the story, John speaks of the rebirth of civilization as it was before the Great Burning. However, he decided to continue.

An overview of by the waters of babylon a novel by stephen vincent benet

In the second paragraph, John says, "My father is a priest; I am the son of a priest. The twist in this story is so great, and if you discover it on your own before the end of the story, the payoff is even better.

Plot summary[ edit ] Set in a future following the destruction of industrial civilization, the story is narrated by a young man [4] who is the son of a priest.

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Consequently, the narrative is uncomplicated and easy to understand. He laughs at how the Forest People eat grubs, and boasts that the Hill People spin wool into yarn and preserve old writings, and that their priests dress in white robes all these qualities differentiating them from the Forest people. Active Themes John knows that he will die if he enters the Place of the Gods, but he also knows that if he turns back without fully satisfying his desire for new knowledge about the gods, he will never be content or at peace with himself. Plot Summary He says that their people could go anywhere in the village except east because that is where the forbidden place is. They too died, eventually. I have killed the panther, I have killed the fawn! Advancement Through Exploration Active Themes John has trouble steering the raft across the river. John belongs to such a time in future.
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