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Please refer to Assessing the Personal investigation of the specification for more information on how to assess the Personal investigation. It was not an easy GCSE for me, but it was probably my most rewarding.

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The moderator reviews your marking to check whether any changes are needed to bring the marking in line with the agreed standards. It is notoriously common!

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It is important in enabling students to develop a personal language, to express ideas and to link their intentions to outcomes in a confident and assured manner. Component details Component 1: Portfolio The content of the portfolio will be determined by the particular requirements and nature of the course of study undertaken. Students must not undertake any further preparatory studies once the first period of supervised time starts. Schools and colleges may timetable supervised sessions for the remaining eight hours at their own discretion. How you deal with this depends on when the move takes place. Email your subject team at art aqa. They must be given to students in their entirety and must not be edited, changed or abridged in any way. Students must learn through practical experience and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of sources that inform their creative intentions. Students must stop work on their preparatory work as soon as the first period of supervised time starts. Marking to the correct standard Work submitted for assessment for the GCSE components is assessed at a standard that can be reasonably expected of a student after a full GCSE course of study. These actions constitute malpractice and a penalty will be given for example, disqualification. They must not: submit work that is not their own lend work to other students allow other students access to, or use of, their own independently-sourced source material include work copied directly from books, the internet or other sources without acknowledgement submit work that is word-processed by a third person without acknowledgement include inappropriate, offensive or obscene material.

AO1: Bringing ideas together. The first 3 hours of the supervised time must be consecutive.

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Component details Component 1 Personal investigation This is a practical investigation supported by written material. Our meetings run for three months in the spring term. We will let you know if we need to do this.

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