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Basque nationalists in Euskadi claim especially Navarra as part of their territory.

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A mediation group known as the Artisans of Peace organized the handover, passing on a list of coordinates to caches of firearms, three tons of explosives and thousands of rounds of ammunition, according to Reuters. Part of the historic Basque Country already has extensive autonomy. In , inspired largely by the Good Friday Agreement, ETA called a permanent ceasefire, only to break it two years later. Northern Ireland has often been invoked as a similar case. The case study pays special attention to the distinct features of the conflict by analysing the Basque society. In the 19th century however, the Basque provinces felt more and more constrained by increased liberal centralism in Spain and supported the Carlists in the Spanish Civil Wars. Their borders are not respected, and their culture is repressed. Terrorism has been defined as a application of violence or threatened violence intended to panic society, to weaken or overthrow incumbents, or to bring political change. Hundreds of people held up Artisans of Peace signs in Bayonne, welcoming the announcement. Left: People hold up symbols of the "Artisans Of Peace" while attending a rally following the announcement of disarmament by armed separatists ETA in Bayonne, April 8, Two Basque provinces, Guipuzcoa and Viscaya declared themselves autonomous during the war. After years of diplomatic attempts to get ETA to hand over its weapons, Artisans of Peace took on the responsibility. What radical nationalists think of as the Basque Country, or Euskal Herria , comprises of three provinces of France and four in Spain. The paramilitary groups did not have any social support and their activity, while equally condemnable, was much smaller and short-lived. Terrorism is a vast and complex topic and has been occurring throughout history, there are many definitions and types of terrorism that are often described by society; one that has gained the most momentum within society and the media today is religious terrorism.

Terrorism by nature is difficult to define. Nationalists in the Basque Country[2] are claiming the right for self-determination and sovereignty in contrast to the Spanish government, which is reluctant to grant the Basques sovereignty. ETA killed him the next day.

Divided societies, p. This was not always true in the Basque Country The idea that the Basque Country was occupied and oppressed by Spain only really became a reality after the Spanish Civil Warwhen the Basque nationalists sided with the Spanish Republic against the right wing military uprising.

the basque conflict and eta the difficulties of an ending

Similarly, Irish Republicanism has always welcomed those outside the Catholic community provided they are committed activists. The ETA saw itself as a revolutionary movement for national liberation.

There are other very obvious parallels between the Basque and Irish situations. In the Basque Country it was ideological In the late 19th century, both Basque and Irish languages, as well as the traditional customs that supported them, looked to be in deep trouble.

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There was no Basque conflict, just ETA totalitarianism