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You also ideally want to have clinical and research experiences you could talk about in this essay. The argument against brain-enhancements is that they will somehow create an apocalyptic divide between those who do use them and those who do not.

Colleges have often been criticized for being too limited and homogenous in their ideological scope, which is something you also want to think about while writing. If you say no, you might want to take an approach more in line with traditional humanities thought, bringing in philosophical notions of consciousness and the soul, notions that have been contested all throughout history.

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However, words are not nearly enough space to compose a fully formed argumentative essay. Corruption from excessive power and corruption from lack of power are simply two manifestations of the same drive: the obsessive want for money, control, and status.

And they spearhead the killing of millions by crushing dissent, sparking wars, and committing genocides. None of those devices significantly widened inequality—if anything, they reduced inequality.

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In regards to the second part of the prompt, reflecting on your past education, brainstorm the most counterproductive and uninspiring aspects of your school curriculum thus far. Here are some possible examples: For example, say that your background is one that is pretty traditionally STEM: you participated in science olympiads, you did science research, you led science honor societies, etc.

If your background is traditionally humanities, you could wax poetic about something completely not humanities, like skateboarding or going to hip-hop concerts or hiking.

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Kilachand Honors College and Trustees Scholarship