Chemistry projects

Now I know a lot of us associate chemistry with lab coats, beakers and specialty ingredients but the reality is there are so many chemistry projects you can do using very simple, easy to find ingredients, often found in your own pantry.

How accurately do egg producers measure eggs?

types of chemistry projects

Caffeine - Is coffee or tea your thing? Follow rules and regulations. If you aren't allowed to use live animals, don't choose an animal project. Does the level of vitamin C in orange juice change over time? Don't select a science project that takes months to complete if you only have a few weeks.

Great science doesn't have to cost a lot.

Easy chemistry projects

Tips for Finding a Good Project Idea Write out your project idea in the form of a hypothesis for the scientific method. It's also possible your experiment might not work out as planned. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Helmenstine holds a Ph. And since these types of simple chemistry projects use relatively safe ingredients, they are perfect to try with younger kids, ie. These projects relate mostly to experiments with caffeinated beverages, including energy drinks. Many projects can be made simpler or more complex. Do you think you don't have the materials for a science fair project? What percentage of an orange is water? How does the sugar concentration vary in different brands of apple juices? Because fire is involved, these projects are best for middle school and higher grade levels.

The ideal science fair project asks a question you can answer or solves a problem.

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