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Want to know what it is like studying these courses? Sammy August 5 out of 5 The Access course has truly been the best decision I have made as I have managed to gain so much confidence around academic study and writing.

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Not only that, but the people that I have met on this course have been so warm and friendly and I know that getting through would have been harder without their constant kindness. Access courses are eligible for the Government's Advanced Learner Loans scheme - and if you go onto study a relevant degree after your course, you will not have to pay back the loan for your Access course!

City and Islington College was the first in the country to offer Access to HE courses back in and is now one of the largest providers, with over 10 different courses ranging from Medical Biosciences and Forensic Science, to Humanities, Law and Teaching.

Many universities actively encourage applications from Access to HE students. University taster days and events are arranged throughout the course to provide seamless progression to Degree programmes.

If you go on to successfully complete a degree your Access course loan is written off.

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Steph June 5 out of 5 The access course has allowed me to go places I never thought possible. Over half-way through I can tell this was definitely the best decision for me, as I was eager to go to university but unsure as to what I wanted to learn and if I could get into the universities of my choice.

Yes the course is demanding, and some days are better than others, and you have to put in effort, but it changed my life. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every single lesson, especially working in the lab on practical ways of apply biology and chemistry.

Equivalent to A Levels, the Health or Science Diplomas offer a great basis for further study in areas such as nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, teaching or social work.

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Variety Opportunity Recognition The course prepares you for university, and helps you build the confidence you need if you have not been in the class room for some time. Not only are the staff supportive but past students are as well, who are all happy for you to contact them for information and advice on either the degree you are wanting to study, or the university that they are currently studying at that you are thinking of applying to. Science labs are carried out in the University Science Centre, just 10 minutes walk away, in the most advanced science teaching facility in the region. They go on to study a wide range of subjects, including law, medicine, education, and business. I would recommend without hesitation to anyone wanting to go back into study. They made me feel like I could do it, even when I honestly had lost faith in myself. Course is free! Awarding Body: Laser Learning Awards Course Description Access to Higher Education courses are designed for students who wish to study for a degree or diploma but who do not have the required qualifications.

I now have a place to study physiotherapy. This course has exceeded my expectations.

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