Communication technologies assignment 1

Router: A router is a full-duplex interconnecting layer 3 device that allows for the connection between networks. Datagrams are integral to the delivery of data as they are the units of data used in communication across packet-switched networks.

Wireless would be affected on the bandwith on the distance away you are from the Router its self.

identify communication protocols and models p2

Parity Checking is regarded as the most simplistic form of error checking, adding a value to the end of a string of binary code to indicate whether there an odd or even number of bits in the string. This form of communication protocol is primarily used within wired communication networks, e.

They use protocols such as the ICMP which communicates in between each other to be able to find the best route in between any two hosts. The TCP element of the model defines the actual transmission of the data between applications on a network, with the IP element defining how data is routed and managed through the network.

Benefits of using it: can make the process much more efficient because of it avoiding the problem instead of stopping it all together. The jamming signal that is used consists of a bit binary pattern that is intended to inform network systems not to send any data packets until the collision has been resolved.

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Unit 10 Communication Technology