Drawing instruments

A technical pen is generally used to create technical drawings. Some drawing boards are magnetized, allowing paper to be held down by long steel strips. In addition, templates for lettering, shapes and symbols are commonly used in the field of technical drawing to cleanly add dimensions and labels to drawings.

A drafting machine is a device which is mounted to the drawing board.

drawing materials and their uses

Generally, different kind of assistance rulers are used in drawing. These types are usually left at the studio by the draughtsman.

They are hard pencils. A typical combination for building details is, and It is also used to aid set-squares to function as required. Compass - 6" bow compass satisfactory. What draftsmen need to be able to do If a component is being designed for manufacture, it first needs to be represented in a drawing.

how to use drafting tools
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Engineering drawing (drafting instruments) lesson 2