Easy 7th grade science projects

Easy science fair projects

There are a number of science projects appropriate for seventh graders that are more intellectually challenging, but still easy to do. Fill three freezable and identical plastic cups with room temperature water halfway. Check out the link below for great ideas, like making an edible crystal flower. Mummify a hotdog. Learn more: Education Possible Students simply boil some red cabbage and use the water to test various substances—acids turn red, and bases turn green. Quickest Dissolving Pain Killer When someone is in pain, you want to help eliminate pain quickly. There are so many ways to experiment with crystals and teach kids about supersaturated solutions. Label each cup. Sure, students could build a cell model out of clay, but cake and candy are so much more delicious! Drop in one pain killer tablet into each cup at the same time. Teach kids about acids and bases without needing PH test strips! Remove Oil Pollutants in Water This science project requires minimal steps and supplies. Stretch your mind with a flexibility experiment. Students will need just a few simple supplies to perform this classic 7th grade science project involving electrolysis and electroplating, but the results are always impressive.

Photosynthesis Study This science project requires setting three of the same plants in different lighting conditions and documenting how lighting affects their growth.

This is a great individual or group 7th grade science project, as it encourages students to use and hone their design and engineering skills to make a working model of a hand.

This experiment explores how charcoal filters impurities from drinking water.

Easy 7th grade science projects

Learn more: ThoughtCo Grow and experiment with crystals. She works as a freelance writer and prior to that was a PR executive responsible for health care clients' written materials. Drop in one pain killer tablet into each cup at the same time.

7th grade science project ideas with food

Blow hot or cold bubbles. Learn more: Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers Learn more: Education Possible Find out how important stretching really is by comparing the flexibility of willing test subjects before and after stretch exercises. Observe and time how long each one takes to dissolve.

winning science fair projects for 7th grade

Determine whether texting is a new language. Photo Credits.

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25 of the Best 7th Grade Science Projects and Experiments