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Communicating for bettercare: Improving nurse-physician communication. The failure to recognize the two-way communication capability, quite often leads to negative conclusions and attitudes Good communication also is not only based on the physical abilities of nurses, but also on education and experience. Use the body language that indicates your interest and concern. There is a culture to get the work done. Please contact us. Cultural differences Culture is another hindrance. Bensing, J. Nurse-patient interactions must be handled with care, and students need to learn how to approach different scenarios. Are the processes that make up communication congruent, in keeping with what is being said? Consequently, a patient may fail to understand the instructions from a nurse regarding the frequency of taking medication at home. Try to reflect the feelings and thoughts the patient is expressing by rephrasing questions and comments using their own words. Communication as already stated is bidirectional, but the nurse or other health professional is responsibility for its proper conduct. Others want a specific explanation for everything that happens to them. Patients that are ashamed of their ignorance or are hesitant, avoid seeking an explanation, and as a result the consultation is inadequate and does not lead to the right outcome for the patient.

E-mail: rg. When answering the phone or making a call: Always speak clearly into the mouthpiece of the phone. It may hinder the ability of the nurse to establish open communication with the patient, thereby slowing down or negating the treatment process. It is not only important that the patients understand what nurses expect from the conversation; it is also essential that nurses understand the patients and convey this understanding before they participate in the conversation.

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Therapeutic communication techniques Table 1 gives an overview of therapeutic communication techniques and provides examples of each technique [ 1013 ]. Good written and verbal communication in nursing is invaluable to all involved.

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Speak clearly and courteously. The following criteria can be used: Simplicity: Say what you want to say concisely and without using difficult or unfamiliar terms. Medical Time Northwestern Greece. Also they should devote time to the patient to communicate with the necessary confidentiality, and must not forget that this communication includes persons who surround the sick person, which is why the language of communication should be understood by all those involved in it. Adaptability: Adapt your response to the clues the patient that the patient gives you. BMJ Career Focus. A research paper, Communication in Nursing Practice , found that nurses who display courtesy, kindness and security to their patients — through both their actions and words — are generally more successful in establishing a good rapport. We interpret something that we heard not according to what the sender actually said but according to our own code For example, patients may be hesitant, nervous, upset or otherwise incapacitated, which may extend the time needed to have a thorough discussion of the issue at hand.

The ability to establish effective communication in nursing is imperative to providing the best care and patient outcomes possible.

Listening and reading are also essential communication skills that nurses require. Conceptual foundations : the bridge toprofessional nursing practice 3rd ed. The process also involves managing the setting so that people are not embarrassed, or the noise levels are kept to a minimum.

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Instruct a patient: Patient instruction may vary from an informal conversation during which few facts are conveyed to an elaborate instruction session. People with feelings of fear and anger can find it difficult to hear. Get real! When health professionals are not trained in communication skills, they face more difficulties separating work from their personal life, tending to transfer problems from one side to the other 8. Nobody cannot communicate. When providing emotional support, this understanding is often all that is necessary. Med Clin North Am. Patient-doctor communication. Communication in medical education. Identify the person to whom you are speaking. Culture, background and bias can be good if they allow one to use past experiences to understand something new; it is when they change meaning of the message that they interfere with the communication process [ 12 ].

Offer factual information.

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