Effects of commercialization of sports

Commercialization holds a risk of people being so indulged in money that they flout the basic principle of sports which is fairness. This trend has led to the increase in commercialization and the utilization of corporate sponsors in the everyday operations of intercollegiate athletics worldwide.

Moreover, the relating costs of F1, such as transportation and maintenance, are also tremendous. Without commericalisation there will not be efficient athletes and without efficient athletes the sport cannot be exist. Commercialisation is bad due to the social impact it resulted.

Examining consumer attributes associated with collegiate athletic facility naming rights sponsorship: Development of a theoretical framework.

is commercialization of sports important

The commercialization of sports has set in motion a shift in paradigm in sports; particularly those which involve teams. For example: Anna Kournikova is the biggest tennis start yet she never won a grand slam, she gains a large amount of earnings through sponsorship alone Justin Henin world no 1 is able to earn in a lifetime.

Modern sports links to commerce are highly visible.

Advantages and disadvantages of commercialisation

The NCAA has tried to prevent the burnout of athletes academically by implementing a rule that states "an athlete is not permitted to devote more than 20 hours per week to their sport" Benford, , p. When athletes come to a university on scholarship they are acting on the contract terms that they will receive equal access, quality, and a full schedule of academics in exchange for their athletic contributions to their respective team. It has helped China to appear more attractive to other countries and this is the first step for China to build political relations with other countries, making it beneficial for them. Commercialization in this case is disadvantageous as it has the power to distort the mindset of people negatively. As sports gambling becomes more and more popular, people seek to make money from sports in a cheating manner. At that time Nike outfitted out of the National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA Division I basketball teams, and the goal of this new revamped product was to "strengthen Nike's relationships with its school partners and help them define their identity through uniforms," and it was a way to use college basketball as a vehicle to advance their team business Smith, , p. If you go to watch F1, you will see numerous advertisements painted on cars and walls of tracks. Children in particular are today are socialised to value winning over playing fair. Player Distraction It has been claimed in some sports that commercialization results in poorer player performance at international levels.

Sports has to be commercialized in order to gain these funds, and thus the commercialization of sports is good. It is literally being commercialized.

There have on some occasions been problems when the name of the stadium has been changed to include a corporate trademark. They stand to get involved into the sport if they find the sports interesting or they are fascinated by the charismatic stars of the sport.

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