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As I watched this movie, a flood of emotions overcame me. You should hope for courage and have honor. First, the main guy of the show, in football this of course would be your quarterback, but in business this would be your CEO or owner. Its astonishing how this particular scene displays the strength of actions and the power of family. An inspiring movie has to give the audience that unique sense where they themselves have a different outlook on life. Even yet, Michael is taken in by a southern white Tennessee family known as the Touchy. It benefits both the individual and the organization. Leadership admits mistakes — In the biggest decision of the film and one dearly important to Tooth, she accepts criticism despite how unfounded it is, and goes to extra lengths to re-examine it. So my wife and I went this weekend, and we were truly blindsided by a film abundantly rich in its humanity and unabashedly Christian in its underpinnings a modern day object lesson in Luke and Matthew Although at first Michael felt like an outsider in the family because they felt it was kind of awkward having someone, whom they are not related with, stay in their house, he eventually felt welcome when they started to warm-up on him and learned to love him. Communicating begins with trust.

Do yourself a favor and take your family to see it. Yes, Hurt Village, it would hurt your reputation to go there! Michael has had little formal education and few skills to help him learn.

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It also made the viewer understand the personality of Leigh-Ann and Michael Oher. When he expresses an interest in football, she goes all out to help. A high angle showed that Michael was insignificant at the time and people from all walks of life were ignoring him.

In the case of Michael, his role is to protect the running back.

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Do yourself a favor and take your family to see it. For example, the Touhy family and people around Michael seem slightly awkward when he is around them. I would give this movie a rating of 3. He went through the troubles of living in poverty, having a dysfunctional family, drug abuse in his family and gangs in his neighborhood. Michael that the football coach never achieved: Mimi should really get to know your players. Registration is FREE! With football playing a huge impact on this movie, comparing it to business is quite simple. Her motherly instincts took over and invited Michael to stay the night, despite her having no knowledge of his background. In the movie, once living with this family he was able to get the proper help he needed with his school assignments, he was able to attend a private school, and he was able to receive scholarships to some top universities because they fought for him to be on the football team. It all depends on who you are where you have come from.. She stopped that car to pick up that kid because he was cold. Trusting the child helps you better understand the child. Everyone in the family eventually gets attached to Michael and …show more content… All these people would be affected by the choices each one makes.

Sometimes this is the situation but not all cases.

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