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Chennai is the capital of southern state of Tamil Nadu however has been marked as city with high rate of crimes against women. Adopted at Vienna, Austria, 25 June ; p.

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While eating dinner alone in Mumbai one night, an Indian man sitting at another table asked if he could join me. Women must understand and feel their physical power and use accordingly. The money may be utilized for rehabilitation of the victim. The only school I was accepted to in the end was the University of Southern California. Indian males have thus perceived themselves as physically, mentally superior than their counterparts. The Beijing conference, [ 34 ] provided a platform for concentration on some of the key issues identified as fundamental obstacles to the advancement of majority of women in the world. Also avoid traveling on foot at night, as well as by public transportation especially if the bus or train carriage is empty ; opt for prepaid taxis or auto-rickshaws instead. Sharma I. Florence: Innocenti Digest, No 6. In the rural areas, women are still being raped by a family member, beaten by husbands or parents-in-law, burned for dowry, and so many cases. Article 55 and 56 of United Nations charter cast a legal obligation on United Nations organization to promote respect for equality and human rights. How was I going to survive? Although it was a most heinous case of cruelty, it is ironical to note that such incidents are not actually rare in our country.

Women suffer this discrimination in silence. Consider wearing Indian attire such as a kurta long, loose tunic or a shalwar kameez suit, which can easily be picked up once you arrive at local markets or from stores like Fabindia.

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The pronouncement of some Muslim clerics that Imrana should marry her father-in-law led to widespread protests, and finally Imrana's father-in-law was sentenced to 10 years in prison. These customs has a deep rooted place in the core of our minds and hearts of every people of India which has defined our lifestyle, our thoughts, our expressions and our beliefs be it man or a woman. So the women safety is most important for the development of the country. The money may be utilized for rehabilitation of the victim. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 5, states that no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Das PK, editor. Making stringent laws is necessary to ensure that the guilty in such cases get the punishment that they deserve and don't walk freely due to the weak provisions or loopholes of the existing laws. Begum Hazrat Mahal , the co-ruler of Awadh , was another ruler who led the revolt of On the same day, Amrit Kaur assumed office as the first female Cabinet minister of India in the country's first cabinet. It is found through the survey that the reason of sexual harassment is the lack of gender-friendly environment and improper functional infrastructure such as consumption of alcohol and drugs in open area, lack of adequate lighting, safe public toilets, sidewalks, lack of effective police service, lack of properly working helpline numbers, etc. In every aspect of the life, women are denied or given less preference over male whether it is for giving education or access to health care. I could never again live in a country where, to some, to many, I was less than a human. These can be made responsible to clear the cases on day to day basis with fair trial as its core principle. The acquittal of policemen accused of raping a young girl Mathura in a police station led to country-wide protests in — Nowhere else in the world is the journey just as fun as the destination as it is in India.

Indian J Community Med. Select Page Safety of Women in India Essay Women safety in India is a big concern which has been a most important topic regarding women safety.

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In Hinduism, man and woman represent the two halves of the divine body. A court ruling removed the prohibition.

Women generally feel frightened while going alone outside to the home.

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They don't actually have a say in front of their husbands when it comes to sex, they have to comply with the needs and demands of their husbands. I looked out of the window, onto the familiar streets of the city I was born in, a city I once loved. However, it was seen some decrease in the crime rate against women in the subsequent years around by Econ Polit Wkly. Other offences in mentioned in IPC[ 38 ] are: Causing miscarriage IPC , causing miscarriage without woman's consent IPC , death caused by an act done with intent to cause miscarriage; if act was done without woman's consent IPC , act done with intent to prevent child being born alive or to cause it to die after birth IPC and causing death of quick unborn child by act not amounting to culpable homicide IPC. Rastogi, Prof. Chennai is the capital of southern state of Tamil Nadu however has been marked as city with high rate of crimes against women. In order to improve the condition regarding women safety in India, following are some points as tips for women safety: Some Tips Regarding Women Safety Self defence techniques are the first and foremost thing to which each and every woman must be aware of and get proper self-defense training for their safety. Be aware of the Importing Gemstones scam, fast meter scam in a taxi and beg for milk or pen. Safety of Women in India Essay 6 words Introduction In the past few years, the safety of women in India has been down because of some continuous and terrible crimes against women. Involuntary treatment of persons with alcohol dependence should be carried out. The Convention on Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women CEDAW , ,[ 35 ] to which countries are members, is a landmark document because it framed violence against women within the framework of human rights. Many female deities Saraswati, Durga, Laxmi, Kali etc.

The gender-based violence that threatens the well-being, dignity and rights of women, extends across social, cultural, economic and regional boundaries. I learned how to sit at a big round table and say things in a way that made it seem like I knew what I was talking about, and soon enough I was able to make a convincing argument about pretty much anything.

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It is friendly to even to poor and illiterate women; it educates the woman regarding the rights and available assistance; provides many reliefs which facilitate psychosocial rehabilitationfree legal advice and help to initiate legal proceedings against respondent; it attempts to restore the family; and last, but not the least, it empowers the woman.

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