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Of course, there are cases when divorce is necessary, when husband and wife do not respect each other, do not love each other and do not take into consideration the opinion of each other, so in this case a man and a woman in a family are almost enemies. Infidelity causes anger and resentment among those who are married, and often tears apart the emotional connection couples have. Most of divorced men and women become supporters of free relationships because of their previous negative family experience. Besides, young generation starts to forget what value family has and why they should try to save it. Divorce is breaking the marriage vows a couple had taken when they first got married What do we make of this amusing correlation Today dissolution of marriage is being used as the easy way out when couples can no longer agree. There are three main causes of divorce: the changing of a man and a woman 's role, stress in modern living and the lack of communication between the married couple. On the flip side they are expensive and stressful for the couple at hand and the odds of staying together are only.

They loose such things as support from the parent in finances, emotions, and care Accordingly, divorces can directly effect on children. These are some of the most common causes of divorce.

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These are significantly negative effects of recent expansion in divorce rates. Some people are laid off from their companies; consequently the stress occurs in their family, which leads to divorce.

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Divorce is breaking the marriage vows a couple had taken when they first got married On the other hand, some couples having children in their family should think deliberatively before they end their marriage in divorce; otherwise innocent children probably become victims for this situation.

The romantic, maybe even infatuated love that married couples feel in the beginning of their marriages eventually subsides. Also young people should understand the whole responsibility when they decide to get married.

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The fact that money is a contentious issue among couples can be seen from the fact that opinion polls indicate as many as ninety percent respondents reporting fights over money.

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The Causes of Divorce