Export import business plan in bangladesh bengali

It has made great progress in reducing poverty and has grown steadily over the past decade. In the name of the new ICP no further improvement of the present infrastructure is made which essentially affects the present state of trade. However, issues pertaining to mud-filling and border acquisition still persist.

The British East India Company later duplicated the flushed-deck and hull designs of Bengal rice ships in the s, leading to significant improvements in seaworthiness and navigation for European ships during the Industrial Revolution.

Export import business plan in bangladesh bengali

Although Petrapole-Benapole border acts as the lifeline for Bangladesh—because maximum of its surface trade with India is carried out through this border—it represents much of an imagined boundary. The improved amenities will not only address the needs of the passengers travelling through Petrapole LCS but also help in systematic and speedy clearance of export and import traffic. To achieve its growth aspiration of becoming upper-middle income country by , the country needs to urgently implement structural reforms, expand investment in human capital, improve domestic revenue mobilisation, increase female labour force participation and raise productivity through increased global value chain integration. But on the other hand, from a political perspective one has to acknowledge that relations between India and Bangladesh has been a spasmodic one ever since The construction of the ICP is expected to cater to the need of trade and traffic up to and therefore provide an impetus to the present functioning of the LCS. Thus measure to improve trade barriers are been constantly initiated to mitigate the clouts affecting international trade. The car pass gives the exact details and information to track a truck halted on the other side of the border. However, on the connectivity front, the highway road up to the Petrapole-Benapole border from the Indian side is not very wide and well developed. It is equal to the central excise duty of India charged upon the Indian garment industries. Woven Sack Cement Bag 1. The deadline has not been met and another new issue concerning proper land alignment with Bangladesh has come up.

Nevertheless, it is an aspect of their neighborhood relations which does not confine only to the realm of economics but instead has various other components appended to it. Year Total Passengers No.

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However, the only major problem that the EDI system faces is that of linkage failure. The importance of bilateral trade has increased further in the era of globalization as countries tend to open up their markets to welcome economic liberalization.

This system of car-pass is unique at Petrapole border. Near Petrapole the road gets divided into two separate lanes for giving space to the trucks laden with their trade.

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However, issues pertaining to mud-filling and border acquisition still persist. Together with the handling of trade imports and exports through land it also keeps a detailed account of cross border mobility of people, goods and services. Among the foremost structural constraints hindering trade facilitation at Petrapole is the infrastructural slack. Fields and meadows stretch far left and right of the international border together with the hordes of small huts and houses, ponds and trees that tend to give an impression of a much anticipated dividing line between the two countries. Furthermore, the LCS at Petrapole is a fully electronic port. On an average around trucks go from India to Bangladesh; while trucks come from Bangladesh to India every day. Amidst such apprehensions the visit by the Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj to Bangladesh, which has being able to strike the right chords of mutual cooperation and friendship, was very significant. LI, NO. Joint investments would cover the 1. This specific case study of Indo-Bangladesh trade at the Petrapole and Benapole border thus pre-empt a two-level study of the trade relations that aims to link local and regional aspects of trade with international economic dynamics. Secondly, Indian trucks going deep inside Bangladesh gets sold out and get susceptible to security issues. The new ICP is likely to increase the storage capacity of the same three times more to facilitate trade further. Only CVD is charged to have an equal say for the Indian industries. The South Asian countries including both India and Bangladesh seem to be naturally inclined to enter into such groupings.

Actual trading starts from around 8- 8. The Bangladeshi side is also upgrading their LCS to acquire a centralised system which will facilitate the setting up of an electronic interface particularly for Petrapole and Benapole LCS.

Since Octobera Wagah Border style of retreat ceremony has been initiated at Petrapole which is yet to be opened for public viewing after the completion of the new ICP.

Trading starts formally from 7am in the morning, although for passengers the gate opens at 6 am.

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