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Career Guidance Handwriting analysis is also used for career guidance where knowledge about personality is essential in order to match the individual correctly to the type of work that would best suit his or her personality and interests. It can just tell you basic traits of person and they are not enough to an decide the future of any person's working or efficiency. Minor symbolism ascribes a meaning to the stroke, depending upon the picture that the stroke draws. Most systems within this approach use a cluster of stroke formations, to score a specific personality trait. History of handwriting analysis: The interest in handwriting as an indicator of personality has its origins far back in history. A full lower loop with light pressure indicates a need or wish for security. Make mental notes of the most outstanding traits and try to get a general feeling of the writer. You can use this slide template for all sorts of presentations — even corporate ones. You can either be accurate by understanding the person as a whole or completely wrong by offering only bits and pieces of a person. The interpretation should enable people analysed to use the understanding gained, to help them live their lives to the highest level of satisfaction that they choose. So you can't use it for any thing in HR. It shows that they can call on a variety of responses, to suit the occasion and indicates good coping mechanisms. You are on page 1of 15 Search inside document Introduction: With all the technology of computers and cell phones texting specifically , you might believe that handwriting is becoming a thing of the past. It comes complete with text, image and graphics placeholders, so you know exactly where to drag and drop your content.

This "heavy pressure-vertical slant" writer won't be able to keep his cool all of the time. He accepted that handwriting revealed character in the same way that fingerprints reveal identity.

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And I would like to point out that not everything on the net is reliable and this type of forum is a better platform for people to get proper info.

Given these considerations, graphologists proceed to evaluate the pattern, form, movement, rhythm, quality, and consistency of the graphic stroke in terms of psychological interpretations.


Understanding the personality through handwriting is a valuable way of making the best of both personal awareness and interpersonal situations for the benefit of all concerned. I would therefore rather post my queries on this forum rather than query on the net. This is just one of the tools which aids a person's understanding about other.

They can be very clever at drawing together strands of information and making something of them. So, with that in mind, here are 15 fun and colorful free PowerPoint templates you can download right this very moment.

However, it is more effective if used in combination of other recruitment methods also, not just as a stand alone way of recruitment. You can either be accurate by understanding the person as a whole or completely wrong by offering only bits and pieces of a person.

You say that you have used graphology up to a certain extent for hiring in your company. You can choose to download the template in either or aspect ratio. We didn't move on to the next letter until every child could form the letters "properly" and according to "handwriting standards.

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