How to write a letter of reference for a job

Download the template compatible with Google Docs and Word Onlineor read the text version below. A good professional employment reference letter will address the context of the job as well as offer a reliable description regarding the candidate in an easy manner.

For example, if you know this job requires leadership skillsgive relevant examples. You may also like.

How to write a letter of reference for a job

Think about what paragraphs you would include in a full letter , and then convert each one into sentences. It is a good idea to ask the person for a copy of their resume or CV, even if you have known them for a long time. If the reference letter is for a specific employment opportunity, also ask for a copy of the job posting. Follow the submission guidelines. To help them prepare, provide the job description and your current resume, and let them know as far in advance as possible. Reference Letter Example for an Employee You can use this reference letter sample as a model. However, be sure to provide the writer with clear instructions on what information you need them to include and give them a resume or list of your skills and experiences. Ask the employee how to submit the letter. Written by Matthew Kerr Matthew Kerr is a career adviser at Resume Genius, where he reinvigorates client's careers and saves resumes from the trash heap. Then explain why you are writing the letter. Try to include language from the job description in your letter. Make sure you follow any requirements, especially about where to send it and when, as well as the format for example, PDF, physical letter, etc. Follow business letter format for your letter. Annie even handled the data visualization with skill and the client had nothing but praise for the end result. If you don't feel that you can give a strong endorsement, here's how to turn down a request for a reference.

Choose a traditional font such as Times New Roman or Arial. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, can work independently, and is able to effectively multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner.

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You have to attach details about their strengths as well as talents that the applicant may not know or else may be mainly valuable.

The first is written as a business letter and would be mailed or sent as an attachment which could be printed for an employee file. Similarly, if the reference letter is for a specific school or program, ask for some information on the school.

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13+ Employment Reference Letter Templates