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In other words, it tries to increase its market share in current market scenario. This involves extending the product range available to the firm's existing markets.

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The table below helps you think about how you might classify different approaches. They need to find new ways to increase profits and reach new customers. Successful leaders understand that if their organization is to grow in the long term, they can't stick with a "business as usual" mindset, even when things are going well. It is typically a model that is used when the most important products of a company reach the maturity stage of the product lifecycle. It can help you consider the implications of growing the business through existing or new products and in existing or new markets. Cross-selling means that you offer extra products to an existing customer. The diversification can be divided again into horizontal, vertical and lateral diversification. Then plot the approaches you're considering on the Matrix. Here, you focus on expanding sales of your existing product in your existing market: you know the product works, and the market holds few surprises for you. Here, too, the matrix distinguishes between markets in which your company is already active and those, which you can enter anew. This risk analysis will help you make the best choice for your organization. There are several tools that can help a company strategically evaluate a market before entering it. Market development is the name given to a growth strategy where the business seeks to sell its existing products into new markets.

Good managers will use the Ansoff matrix as a way to think about all marketing angles going forward. Logical consistency challenges[ edit ] The logic of the Ansoff matrix has been questioned. Even if you can win over additional new customers, the growth is limited by market penetration, since the number of customers within a market is limited.

It answers the question that a company should focus on.

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With this growth strategy, you are turning to a completely new industry in which you do not yet have any expertise. Cross-selling means that you offer extra products to an existing customer.

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In addition to the frosted cupcakes already on offer, the company is now also selling rainbow cookies. The Ansoff matrix is also good to use when you want to start a business. Business Diversification new markets, new products : This is where we market completely new products to new customers. Product development is a medium-risk growth strategy that involves introducing new products in existing market. Good managers will use the Ansoff matrix as a way to think about all marketing angles going forward. Diversification consists of two quadrant moves so is deemed the riskiest growth option. More on the Ansoff matrix The Ansoff matrix is a model that can help strategic decision makers within a company determine the course of a company. Suppose you sell business software, then you can, for example, offer to make a website for the company and to take care of the web hosting. It presents four alternative growth strategies in the form of a 2x2 table or matrix. Use Market Segmentation to target different groups of people, perhaps with different age, gender or demographic profiles from your usual customers. Based on which innovations — if any — come into question for you, different strategies can be defined. Companies should also anticipate delays and increased costs. You also have the option to engage in premium pricing. To be able to grow further, the managing director now takes a further step and opens an additional store in the neighboring town. In addition, she wants to introduce regular discount actions, which will turn passers-by into regular customers.

Then plot the approaches you're considering on the Matrix. You should therefore focus on this.

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She can generate more turnover with a new or adapted product while maintaining a constant market. Exporting the product, or marketing it in a new region, are examples of market development. Product development strategy is targeted at existing markets to achieve growth and involves extending the product range available to existing markets. For this reason, the managing director asks the sales staff on the sales floor to always point out other goods to customers. In industries where there is a short product life cycle I-phones, computers, cars , product development is a central strategy to retain existing customers. Cross-selling means that you offer extra products to an existing customer. This strategy is risky: there's often little scope for using existing expertise or for achieving economies of scale, because you are trying to sell completely different products or services to different customers Beyond the opportunity to expand your business, the main advantage of diversification is that, should one business suffer from adverse circumstances, another may not be affected. One dimension of the matrix considers 'products' existing and new and the other dimension considers 'markets' existing and new.
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The Ansoff Matrix