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Before moving on further you all should know that whenever an individual decides to pursue their career in Indian army they need to abide by an objective of our army. Our Indian army is the second largest in the world with about 1. And yet, from disaster relief in floods, tsunamis and earthquakes, to rescuing an infant prince from a deep tube well, and from quelling rioters in communal strife to being the last resort in internal counter-insurgency operations, the Indian Army is omnipresent. Source 7. Connect with This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else. India has the biggest "voluntary" army in the world. They try and maintain peace upto any extent possible. Some of them are discussed below. After launching prolonged artillery barrages against Pakistan, India was able to capture three important mountain positions in Kashmir. We all have love, respect and admiration for our soldiers and the Indian army as a whole. On 10 October, both sides clashed again.

The regular Pakistani troops who took control of these areas received important support, both in the form of arms and supplies, from Pakistan. In the India-China war of October-November and later in the Indo-Pak war of September, one Indian soldier killed many times his enemy counterparts on various fronts.

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The Indian soldiers not only fight for our country but have a greater role to play in our nation building process.

By the time all hostilities had ended, the number of Indian soldiers killed during the conflict stood at[78] while more than regular members of the Pakistani Army were killed. Unlike other government organisations and institutions in India, there are no provisions for reservations based on caste or religion.

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A writer, teacher, engineer, doctor perform their respective duties according to their abilities but the role played by soldiers is over and above all. Dinner was a formal affair. Lack of respect in the Army may hinder development of effective leaders.

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Initially, the Indian Army met with considerable success in the northern sector.

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14 Facts About The Indian Armed Forces That’ll Make You Respect Them Even More