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Although not currently unionised, a cohort of Delta employees have expressed interest in representation LUV : Dallas-based Southwest has been in operation sinceand operates a network of 97 destinations in the U.

Spectacular Results The liberalization of the airline industry has yielded spectacular results.

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For these travelers, flying has become an experience that has to be endured, on par perhaps with a visit to the dentist's office. It transports people with a high level of convenience and efficiency that cannot not be provided by any other industry or substitute.

Airline industry porter analysis

Interest rates are rising globally, but particularly in the US; this impacts currencies as a higher US dollar exchange rate pressures airlines with revenues in non-dollar currencies, slicing margins. Some means of transportation can be more costly than a plane ticket. Passenger load factors have therefore continued their slight upward trend from This is a five forces analysis of the aviation industry that explains how these forces affect the competitive strength of any company in the industry. So, the overall threat is low to medium from substitute products. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands Geopolitical threats are building. Some airlines focus on cost, while others focus on having the best amenities, etc.

Most airlines have reduced prices and upped the level of customer service to remain competitive. Low-cost airlines — namely easyJet and Ryanair — have both set up parallel companies in Europe and the UK, respectively, to ensure they can continue operations from new hubs should the worst happen.

michael porters five forces model in airline industry analysis

Regulations are also a reason that competition has kept growing intense.

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