Justine moritz proven guilty

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Although Justine proclaims her innocence, she is convicted of the crime. I confessed, that I might obtain absolution; but now that falsehood lies heavier at my heart than all my other sins… In an evil hour I subscribed to a lie; and now only am I truly miserable.

Justine moritz proven guilty

Justine lives with the Frankenstein family as a servant after her mother dies. Justine goes to her death with no fear, leaving Victor to ponder the deaths of two innocent victims. Previously, he had never felt the desire to do harm to others, or perpetrate the injustices he himself experienced on other innocents. She's a one-off anti-religious character; and she's also there to remind us that, while God isn't killing people she loves because of something she's done, the monster is killing people Frankenstein loves. Family is Victor's greatest weakness, and unfortunately, the creature knows this. The trial opens with Justine appearing beautiful and calm, assured of her innocence. He has witnessed how two people close to him die as a result of his actions, the creation of the monster. In many ways, his use of manipulation suggests that the creature has become irreversibly corrupted by his exposure to humankind.

Victor does not believe she is guilty, and neither will Elizabeth, despite any amount of evidence presented. And then she's accused of murdering William Frankenstein.

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Without this character, readers would have a more limited view of the differing classes present in this narrative. The Creature kills William in order to make Victor pay for his abandonment.

The trial opens with Justine appearing beautiful and calm, assured of her innocence. Analysis The chapter is a commentary on Mary Shelley 's view of the justice system.

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Justine Moritz in Frankenstein