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This was his "art of empowering others," his ability to transform the lives of his followers by giving them the confidence which he himself displayed to confront the injustices of the system that racially profiled and oppressed other blacks: "making others feel more powerful…[by] instilling a sense of power" in them, via his lectures and his example on and off the street, Malcolm X showed expert transformational leadership qualities Conger But on this pilgrimage, what I have seen, and experienced, has forced me to re-arrange much of my thought patterns previously held, and to toss aside some of my previous conclusions. His clarity on this matter, as America continues its retreat from its commitment to full freedom for his people, has guaranteed for him pride of place among black leaders. Eric Foner and John A. Not just a name. King and Malcolm X were very different African American leaders with very distinct experiences and leadership style. However, collaborating with one whom he no longer trusted or admired would have meant going back on his principles, and this would have turned him into a hypocrite, which would have potentially harmed his own transformational leadership style and his authentic leadership abilities. While Malcolm X was encouraging Blacks to enforce the use of violence when met with violence, Dr. Neither the Negro leaders appointed by their masters and projected by the white media, nor the super-revolutionary crazies, can lead the Black Liberation Movement. He was a Christian minister and conducted himself as such. These Negro leaders today, in the midst of one of the most brutally violent and bloody periods that Black people have experienced in a long time, openly attack the struggle of the masses of Black people, by selling us out to white right-wing politicians, or by denouncing the struggle of the Black masses against racist violence. The life and upbringing of these two leaders magnifies the difference in their leadership approach. These are just a few of the grass-roots organizations on the move. We need leadership that learns from our people and stands with our people who are mainly poor and working class people. You can freely copy, distribute and display this work; as well as make derivative and commercial works.

The rock starts out as a sharp, coarse edged fragment on a stream bed. It was not destructive to his campaign or to his leadership style, because it was never unjust.

He rose quickly within the Nation of Islam.

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Malcolm X, on the other hand, had a considerably different up bringing. Hide Caption 1 of 16 Photos: Civil rights activist Malcolm X Malcolm X was never afraid to speak out against injustices he said black Americans were facing.

The leadership style they used helped to change public perception and greater society.

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Because Malcolm X was not an employer type of leader, but rather a leader of a movement, his "ethically normative behavior" does not apply to the job characteristics model posed by Piccolo et al. King was the inventor and implementer of non-violent protest, Malcolm X encouraged Blacks to fight back with violence against white oppressors. February 29, 4 minute read. Most Black people suffered from oppression, living in poverty, and fear and violence from Whites. King was raised in a comfortable middle-class family where education was crucial, and Malcolm X came from a family of low class. In an article presented by, differencesbetween. As a result, Malcolm X encouraged Blacks to have pride within themselves and each other.

It is possible that Dr. The calendar date is as good excuse as any to briefly ponder the man and his legacy, taking stock of his flaws while appreciating his willingness to reconsider them. His confrontational style allowed him to lead his loyal followers forward, when he left the Nation of Islam after learning of the corruption and hypocrisy of the Nation's top leader, Elijah Muhammed Marable For investigators and commentators alike, then, his death was an open and shut case: Muslims did it.

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We will win because we are on the side of history and righteousness, we will win because we have suffered and labored for our liberation, we will win because we will struggle and fight to the very end, and we will win because we will have Black revolutionary leadership like Malcolm X, and it is only with this kind of leadership that we can win.

There were institutions and organizations of many kinds that were built and maintained in order to carry the struggle forward.

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King preached in various African American churches in the community and he preached in Washington.

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