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Many NTFPs occupy "niche" markets, which tend to be small and dispersed. They could calculate the returns depending on how much they process a product. Lars Bjorklund and Anders Sjoberg both provided helpful comments and perceptive advice. Ex petroleum refining Enterprise collaboration systems: Support team, workgroup, and enterprise communications and collaborations. As a human being, YOU are the most important element in the information system! Many people contributed to the development of this publication. Occasional examples from other places where an MIS has been used will also be cited. Marketing information is all the data that can help those involved in production and sales identify the clients' needs and meet those interests. What technology might that be?

The buyers may be either institutions or individuals. Often, small producers lack information that others such as middlemen or exporters may have. One purpose of an MIS is to increase market transparency for small producers so that they can increase their power in the marketplace.

In collaboration with local communities, they developed the first locally-managed Marketing Information System in Sta. They can be local, regional, national or international.

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Occasional examples from other places where an MIS has been used will also be cited. After an initial introduction to the concepts of MIS chapter 2the next three chapters take the reader through each of the steps in establishing an MIS.

LO7 Explain the importance and applications of information systems in functional areas of a business.

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BUS Using MIS: Chapter 1