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Letters of Recommendation should be preferably a person who is in a position to provide an honest critique of your work performance.

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Social Responsibility Essay: Briefly describe your involvement in any Social Responsibility or Sustainable Development activities maximum words From this prompt, it is obvious that Nanyang places social responsibility very high on its list of priorities.

I quickly appraised the Captain and engine room to prepare for emergency. What insights did you obtain from the experience? Career and life choices are often made by parents or elders, more so for girls.

I commanded the crew member to prepare survival craft and prepared firefighters to extinguish the fire.

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Give an evaluation of your career to date. Each of them came with its own set of learnings and has helped me develop into a good team player and leader. Essays and Letters of Recommendation are a mandatory component of the applicant. Firstly, read the question carefully and make sure that you are answering it. I was also entrusted to handle a partnership of McKinsey with a market intelligence firm where, I manage the relationship with the vendor and am the sole point of contact in the firm for bespoke analysis on global banks. What are your reasons for wishing to pursue an MBA now, at this point in your career? How to convey my strengths and convince the schools that I have the ability to become a successful leader? I regularly organise awareness camps in villages to sensitise people towards the value of child education.

Since my brother went through the same struggle few years ago, I hoped he would understand my feelings better and he did when I approached him for support. For a 1 to 1 consultation with our Admissions manager, please email nbsmba ntu.

Essay Tips Nanyang: Located at Singapore, Nanyang Business School is part of a select band of business schools that are pushing Asia into the high stakes business management education arena.

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We are unable to confirm or release information via phone. I delegated crew to prepare fire hoses, cool down the compartment boundary and shut off the ventilation to prevent fire from spreading. Vijay Sethi. Nanyang Essays Essay 1. This situation or experience does not necessarily have to be related to your current job. For confidentiality purposes, we regret that we will not be able to provide feedback on rejected applications. Essay One: Briefly assess your career progress to date. I was effectively able to contribute and make the team look at the big picture given my industry perspective. I was also able to efficiently add value to the team discussion when I was invited onsite in Hong Kong for brainstorming sessions. What will improve my chances of admissions? Spelling and grammar mistakes are likely to send your application to the rejection pool in the speed of lightning. You can view your application status anytime via the online application system.

The publication was very successful with distribution to over clients globally and extensive coverage in print and online media like Bloomberg. One should view the selection interview as a way of getting to know each party better.

However, the fact that, with the help of your colleagues, you organized an alumni association will be seen as indicative of your initiative and collaborative spirit.

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Describe a failure you encountered and how you handled it professionally and personally.

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