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Wells St. Walk around The most simple piece of advice is also one of the most effective.

New neighborhood

Visit museums and concerts. I am a passionate researcher, creative storyteller and a sharp editor. Invite the neighbors or friends from unconnected groups. The first year: Practice good citizenship 1. With each new building Lendlease opens in its Southbank development, the project team hopes to incorporate art and design that will "help tell the creative history of the site and surrounding neighborhood. Take advantage of your city. To stay in touch, launch a book club, dinner club, or other type of regular get-together on a schedule that works for everyone. And be careful not to overlook those easy-to-forget loose ends. Enter your address to get started. Here are some tips for getting started. If you want to know what your neighborhood has to offer, go see it for yourself. In addition to helping you feel more comfortable in an unfamiliar environment, making an effort to discover your new neighborhood will ultimately make you feel more at home. The Lendlease team was particularly excited by the growth potential in the South Loop given its proximity to The Loop's central business district and the area's "unparalleled access to the Chicago River.

Shopping locally helps you support your community and what makes it unique. Get to know them well, advises Sinn, so you can get your voice heard.

Here are 11 things you should be looking for in your new community. Enter your address to get started.

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As for how to do it, follow the golden rule, which is that a little friendliness goes a long way. If you move your toddler into an apartment building where all the other residents like to party until 2 a.

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Check out www. Dine like a local. Look for local volunteer opportunities to pop up, or be more proactive and seek out volunteer openings with organizations that are doing something important to you. The favor will likely be returned in the future! This person can be a great ally when it comes to neighbors breaking the rules ahem, not mowing their lawns, partying too loudly, etc. Your first week is the best time to seek out these essentials and more. Costs to consider in a neighborhood are things such as gas prices, tuition and affordable grocery and convenience stores. If you have young children, take a look to see if there are any major roads that may be difficult to cross with children in tow. Visit museums and concerts.

According to Justin Patwin, project director for Southbank at Lendlease, the team took inspiration for Southbank from neighboring Printers Row, an iconic Chicago neighborhood and the bygone hub of the nation's printing industry.

This person can be a great ally when it comes to neighbors breaking the rules ahem, not mowing their lawns, partying too loudly, etc. Volunteer Speaking of getting involved, sometimes the best way to discover somewhere new is through service.

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Meet your neighbors The people who live around you are a big part of what defines your community.

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New Neighborhood