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The Old man and the Sea is perhaps one of his most famous works, which won the Nobel Prize for Literature in Yet they are still good. Unlike Santiago, many believe that people are not born destined to their futures.

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Along with the heroic themes, Hemingway had become a religious Catholic man growing up and decided to include many religious references and biblical allusions. Baskett, Sam S. The story was also awarded the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, and was a factor in Hemingway winning a Nobel Prize.

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In the past weeks we have been discussing, in a debate, which is that main theme. Throughout this final section, Santiago repeatedly apologizes to the marlin in a way that provides another way to read Santiago's sin.

Between fisherman" You killed him for pride and because you are a fisherman.

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Both main characters share many similarities; however, they also have various differences that set them apart as well. Known mainly for his success in writing the critically acclaimed novel, The Old Man and the Sea, Hemingway had many symbolic meanings instituted throughout this novel and many other works.

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