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It is in this section that the practice and science elements are brought together. It also discusses the drug manufacturing practices. In this way, the science concepts included in each case have a direct relevance to current practice in community and hospital pharmacy settings.

Pros: This book allows pharmacy students to master the intricacies of pharmaceutical dosage forms and design. So, this makes the book really only useful for the UK market. Section 1 consists of three chapters.

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The text presents the fundamentals of pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutics and therapeutics within a direct patient care context. The book concludes with instructions on enabling safe medication. Pros: This is a perfect book which examines the best practices and standards for sterile compounding.

While I do teach medication review in the community, the basis of most cases in the book are national NICE guidelines and it is assumed that laboratory values are at hand.

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This part has many chapters focusing on drug discovery and drug design. Chapter 7 provides guidelines on evidence-based clinical practice.

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