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These days its easy to do this as most people will have some kind of website. They were a lovely family and I was grateful to be a brief part of their life.

But again, a website can be just as effective as a business card if you have no traffic and no one ever looks at it. Offer yourself as an expert source and pitch a story about the worldwide movement.

A few only operate in the upper band.

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However, there is a very small charge for the Kindle version as it is sold through Amazon. If you are happy to use your skills to help a few friends and family or volunteer, that is great. Classified ads in local newspapers Despite being firmly in the digital age, this can be an effective way of picking up clients in the local area by placing an ad in your local newspaper.

However, inI completed my Acupuncture degree and this is when I set up a complementary therapy business proper.

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Give an exclusive discount to people who like your Facebook page. Studies also have shown that reflexology provides relief from surgical pain, especially for cancer patients. Kelly can be trusted to offer professional advice and support. Some therapists start in the middle band and remain there. Note: If you are using only your first and last name as your business name e. There are others who have no doubt done more than me and I am still early in my career, so this guide is by no means definitive. Market your reflexology business. I said yes of course. See References section below. Create a flier List the health benefits of massage and reflexology and offer a coupon. I found it both a challenging and rewarding process, there is certainly never a dull moment when you are your own boss! Copyright Worksheets issued during the Business Mentoring Package are owned and copyrighted by Kelly Hainsworth. It may be that a complementary therapy business is not the most lucrative form of employment you can pursue. In the UK, doctors can take short courses in acupuncture. I can highly recommend Kelly who listens carefully to my ideas, helping me to put plans into action.

Servicing clients elsewhere can involve more coordination and could mean that you will only be able to take on a limited number of patients each day due to travel times.

My guide covers this a little.

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You simply need to gauge the amount Your costs Consider your break-even point. Advertise your business with the Love Reflexology Directory. It may be you are a parent who has been out of work for a few years and want to start your own business.

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Foot reflexology promotes healing and feeling great