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OK, this is a tall order. Given the shortage of funding in Canada, I spend a most of my time applying for grants to do my work. In the process, our members volunteer their time toward a series of programs committed to increasing public awareness of, and engagement with, Canadian science and technology — particularly among youth.

Consider becoming a member today! It also includes reaching out to disease based societies and to the general public.

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As well laid out by the President of the CWSA, Tim Lougheed, in an email to the CWSA membership, there is concern that some individuals, such as a public information officers PIOare not bound to the same high standards of academic journalism and so may mislead people with inappropriately positive press releases.

Two active boys. If we put these communicators in the same room through chapter meetings, the annual conference, emails etc, and truly get to know the goals and limitations that each group has, then the results will certainly be better communication.

Today, we are a national association that welcomes media professionals, communications officers in science and technology-related institutions, technical writers and educators — all of whom are involved in communicating science and technology to non-specialist audiences.

Things are changing. We need to work together and to learn from each other.

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Not only do I list my papers and students, but also what activities I do that fall under a communication heading. Journalists will have more access to members in all aspects of science communication—which gives them more opportunity to find stories and to fact check. It also includes reaching out to disease based societies and to the general public. Only an independent journalist could have worked against that mandate. Big research grants have been turned down when this KT portion is underdeveloped. We foster quality science communication that links science and technology communicators from coast-to-coast. One notable communications group include those that make press releases for universities and other research organizations. Ahem, this is sacrilege, according to some. Scientists themselves are doing more communication. OK, this is a tall order. On top of that negative argument, I have a positive one.

We, as scientists, need to let people know what has been discovered and, equally importantly, what remains to be discovered. But I disagree with introducing protectionism.

All of us need to find a way to guide the general public to accurate and unbiased science based information.

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