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Asking questions — In this form of planning you think of the questions which could form the basis of your written work; one or more question for each part.

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The Super-Secret Writing Process for Academic Writing Academic writing is not an event that occurs in one setting but a process that occurs over time. Writing — producing the written work. When taking notes about each one you read you should rewrite it in your own works by either paraphrasing or summarizing. Expect to revise a minimum of four times, but usually ten to fifteen times. Data can be gathered using primary sources through direct observation, survey, interviews or other means; or data can be collected using secondary sources such peer-reviewed research, scholarly articles and books. Next, look for groups or patterns. At this stage, just write your composition. You will get it straightened out later. These ideas that may be consider conceptual outliers serve to stretch the boundaries of your thinking enabling you to think more broadly. Finalizing — checking your writing for mistakes in grammar, spelling and style, more commonly described as proofreading your work. Step 4: Revision Revision re-vision means to see again or in this case, see again and again and again. Write about the topic you've been given and nothing else! Here the writer is able to inject his or her insights and emotion all over the page and to use words and language like colors on a pallet to paint a picture. You just need to think of all the facts that you wish to include in your writing. Academic writing is used to write academic reports, inquiries, and essays in academic settings.

Minnesota State University, Mankato andrew. You'll write a draft, edit it and rewrite it, before editing and rewriting again.

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You will get it straightened out later. First, draw a circle in the middle of your paper and write your topic in the circle. Power writing helps you get in touch with your unconscious. Writing — producing the written work.

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Even at this early stage include all the citations you'll need and add the references to the reference list. You'll need all that information to cite your source in your text and add the reference to the reference section at the end of your paper, see the referencing section for more information.

Don't use contractions e.

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The Academic Writing Process