The foundation and impact of the religious groups ymca and the ywca

During the '90s, a tremendous change occurred in the field of youth development. Boys in San Francisco, for example, could not use the pool until after they had passed a proficiency test in gymnastics.

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The Y's major programs include after-school programsday care programs, and physical fitness. Through the influence of nationally known lay evangelists Dwight L. Elevating the goal would eliminate rushes that could injure players, a problem in football and rugby. But by the mid to late '80s, this was seen as contributing to a morally bankrupt society, in which there is no notion of virtue or of vicejust different points of view.

It played the season out of a local Masonic temple, charging for admission and keeping the proceeds. Corsan also came up with the ideas of the learn-to-swim campaign and using bronze buttons as rewards for swimming proficiency.

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The effect of these Rosenwald Ys was keenly felt in the s and '60s: YMCAs, being integral parts of the black community, played important roles in the struggle for civil rights. The Y was founded on Protestant evangelical values; its mission statement says it intends to ''put Christian principles into practice.

The Harrisburg Pa. To improve the work environment for women in industrial plants, the YWCA Convention voted for "an eight-hour-per-day law, prohibition of night work, and the right of labor to organize. The federation of clubs incorporated inand by Toastmasters needed Smedley's full attention, so he resigned from the YMCA to devote himself to his creation.

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History and Impact of the YWCA