The new poor law goals and

Parishes were linked into Unions, each Union controlling relief in its area, hopefully with one large workhouse. How does one define Social Policy?

The new poor law goals and

The lesson can also be used as a starting point for investigating the new Poor Law in more depth and discussing attitudes to the poor in 19th century Britain. What does this part of the poster tell you about the treatment of the old? These little girls were clad, summer and winter, in thin cotton frocks, low in the neck and short sleeved.

Looking back through memory's years, I see an atmosphere of hopelessness which gave me, surrounded as I was by the old, the infirm and even the insane, the feeling that all had come here to die.

Men have talked about these evils for seventy-five years.

when was the poor law abolished

Bless you gentleman! It was while apprenticed to a pawnbroker in the poorest area of Nottingham that Booth saw first-hand the plight of the poor. A poor rate was levied to pay for the poor, and the parish was the unit of administration.

How I hated all of them for it.

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Poor Law Amendment Act