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Deanna, supported by good friend Christine, joins Dan, supported by Marcie, at a mediation session to prepare their divorce papers.

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And the full-throated heroine-worship unleashed by Dee's best pal Christine Maya Rudolph is effective in small, regular doses. Ben Falcone as Dale, the Uber driver.

But this one is.

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She's got a few great moments here; I'm particularly fond of the face she makes during her sorority initiation , which might've terrified Edvard Munch. Jack has truly fallen for Deanna, and they have sex again in the stacks at the library. While Maddie attends Dan and Marcie's wedding, Deanna and her student friends unknowingly get high from chocolate bark laced with marijuana, and they head to the reception, where they start wrecking the wedding hall. But no one else in the cast pops, because they're all pretty clearly there to service the heroine's story and regularly remind us of what a wonderful, resilient and altogether amazing person she is. The problem is focus and ferocity. McCarthy is a flame-roasted marshmallow, both sweet and searing, operating in the same absurdist danger zone as male predecessors like John Belushi , Steve Martin and Jim Carrey , and carrying movies across the box office finish line on charisma and physical skill alone. Fields and the Marx Bros. Maddie is doubtful, but supportive. Dee instantly gets a much younger boyfriend Luke Benward's Jack who is, by estimation, less than half her age, yet can't get enough of her lovin', and dotes on her publicly while Christine lustily cheers them on. She's infinitely better than her material here, and because she supplied the material herself, there's only one person she can blame. Advertisement And yet, curiously, the movie can't quite go all the way into pure gossamer niceness.

Heidi Gardner as Leonor, Deanna's reclusive Goth roommate. Plot[ edit ] After dropping off their year-old daughter Maddie to her senior year at Decatur University in Atlanta, Dan tells Deanna that he wants a divorce because he has fallen in love with another woman, realtor Marcie.

But when she's just filling up time by doing stuff, as she is here, she never transcends mere likability, and the end product feels like a waste of her time and ours.

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Her stage fright causes her to collapse part way through.

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