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Laws of Individual Countries 1. For example, schools could have field trips to the Center for Elephant Conservation. Circuses are regulated in the United States at the state level, and at the federal level by one main, very ineffective law the AWA.

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As a result, the Ringling Brothers would receive positive publicity and aid for their conservation center and the WWF would promote anti-animal captivity. Minnesota Minnesota exempts circuses from regulations on licensure, care and disposal of circus animals. Tides Turning in Favor of Animals?

Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Concern for the well-being of animals has not historically been part of Chinese culture.

Included within this plan must be lists of all tricks an animal must perform if its is employed within entertainment, health certificates, lists of construction materials, sizes of animal containment facilities, and documentation that trainers understand the level of animal care required within the province.

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The website for the Center for Elephant Conservation has a video that explains and shows the conservation center. The WWF could put this video on their website to promote wildlife conservation and anti-captivity. Washington State of The State of Washington grants cities the power to license circuses.

Speaking with Planet Experts, she says that not all abuses take on violent or noticeable forms, and sometimes occur through relatively subtle means. At the request of the Secretary, any regulatory agency of the Federal Government which requires records to be maintained by intermediate handlers and carriers with respect to the transportation, receiving, handling, and delivery of animals on forms prescribed by the agency, shall require there to be included in such forms, and intermediate handlers and carriers shall include in such forms, such information as the Secretary may require for the effective administration of this Act.

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Animals in Circuses and the Laws Governing Them