Tourism market segmentation analysis

They tend to behave balanced if any challenging situation occurs and are rational towards tour schedules. These tourists generally plan their tours in the breaks such as Diwali holidays, Christmas holidays, or any kind of long break when most of the people have break.

For example, think about how you planned your last vacation.

Tourism market segmentation definition

Some tourists in this category also travel if they are receiving some illness from the climate at their residence such as Asthma. A divided market based on personal characteristics, motivators, and similarities helps advertisers cater to the specific needs of specific groups. What content should you create at what moments? Smith introduced the concept of market segmentation as a strategic tool. While all tourists are different, some of them are similar to each other. Market segmentation is nothing but dividing the total consumer market into groups to be able to communicate with them and provide their specific needs. For example, a sales or a marketing person travels to another city to attend a business fair, and business manager travels to another country for business deals.

What if your brand or location could be in front of your potential customers during the exact moments they may be dreaming about getting away, planning their visit, and eventually booking their vacation? They decide for themselves but do not spend much money. Smith introduced the concept of market segmentation as a strategic tool.

travel agency market segmentation

All tourists are not the same. If you were like most, you bounced back and forth between dreaming about and loosely planning your next getaway—zooming in on a destination and quickly bouncing around in search of inspiration only to zoom out and consider all the options yet again.

segments of tourism industry

Why Segment the Tourism Market? Learn more about user testing in our blog, here. Tourism market segmentation is the strategic tool for getting a clear picture of diversity among the tourists.

types of market segmentation in tourism

It is the most basic type of segmentation. Marketing force of a tourism business group the tourists into various segments that categorize the similar as well as distinct members.

From on-paper prototypes and discussion groups to high-fidelity wireframes and user-experience videos—we pick from our bag of user-testing methods to ensure content and calls-to-action are placed in the best places possible.

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Tourism market segmentation