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The body of the letter should be to words in length. We are going to Kids Camp. What features are different? Referring to the brainstormed list, ask students to contribute to the next set of content. We wish we could order lunch like you can every day. Who is the target audience? Pronoun references-us and we refer to students at Bushfield Primary. What features are like this school? Remember to be brief, objective and logical; write an effective opening; never be offensive or libellous. The set up must be in keeping with the purpose and genre of the text. Let us start by considering topic a. Process Writing Lessons use the standard forms, or structures of transactional writing; and help students understand when each is used. Resources with each text type lesson Lesson plan. How To Use Why Use Transactional Lessons Even in the age of technology with chats, texts, tweets, and emails, students must learn the essential skills and formats particular to transactional writing.

The rest of the paragraph contains information and examples relating to school canteens. An opportunity to discuss abbreviations such as Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss could also occur, contributing to an anchor chart which will assist independent student letter writing at a later stage. This time, you are going to be there with me.

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Add to class anchor chart. Contextualise the task by explaining what a pen pal is and how this cohort of students is going to write to another group of students, in the same year level at another school.

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Write your letter of application to the principal. The body of the letter should be to words in length. Knowing their audience and the purpose for their writing will determine how they write the letter.

Let us start by considering topic a.

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Dear body of the letter is written in paragraphs a traditional closure e. You will write a letter of application. In Kids camp we done so much activitys like canoeing, diving in the mud and my favirate one was when we had to work as a group and we went to the dam and they gave us two drum and ropes and four logs and we had to build a thing that would be able to get us though the dam and the first people there will be the first shower and it was fun. Printable and projectable resources for each developmental level, such as writing samples and graphic organizers, support teaching and modeling the writing process for all types of learners. As you can see, I mean as you can read it was a great experience ever. What features are different? The first thing to do is to study the topics and make sure that you know what it is you are expected to do. We are going to Kids Camp.

I have never had such fun in my life!

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