Uses for a paper clip

Uses for a paper clip

Uses for paper clips in the kitchen Run out of food bag ties? Wrap a tissue or paper towel around the end of a paperclip and use it clean small spaces.

Continue Reading Bend a paperclip into an egg dipper for dying eggs at Easter. Unless you're flower-arranging regularly, it's not something you need to invest in.

30 uses for paper clips

Golf tee Not only does this look messy, but it can lead to your paper getting damaged. Continue Reading Use the sharp end of a paperclip to remove hair from a brush or broom.

Ideas using paper clips

If you're in need of a miniature screwdriver for a job like mending your glasses, a paper clip could be just the thing. Sanity saver!! Use round part to massage the webbing between fingers Use a paperclip as a makeshift bobby pin. DIY Jewellery clasp If you like making jewellery at home, you can use paperclips to fasten your designs. Hangers for empty silkworm cocoons Unwind a few paper clips, and you'll be able to use them to fasten flower stems into place.

Emergency hem holder Speaking of emergencies, here are another one of our handiest uses for paper clips - providing a solution to fallen hems. Need an emergency bookmark?

Uses for a paper clip divergent thinking

Test hand eye coordination whilst moving paper clip along an electric wire How to hide bra straps Sometimes, even the prettiest of bra straps can ruin a sophisticated look. Dredlock detangler for when you change your mind Make some cute bow bookmarks with paperclips and felt. Hold a zip in place Reset electrical items How are you meant to get to that pesky reset button on your remote control and other electrical items anyway? Scratch into paint on glass for extra effect
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13 Uses of a Paper Clip