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There should be a focal point within the Government for a concerted program of assisting scientific research conducted outside of Government. The amount which can be effectively spent in the first year should not exceed 5 million dollars.

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The advancement of photography is not going to stop. The mobilization of science behind the lines is aiding the fighting men at the front to win the war and to shorten it; and it has resulted incidentally in the accumulation of a vast amount of experience and knowledge of the application of science to particular problems, much of which can be put to use when the war is over.

There may be millions of fine thoughts, and the account of the experience on which they are based, all encased within stone walls of acceptable architectural form; but if the scholar can get at only one a week by diligent search, his syntheses are not likely to keep up with the current scene.

For the general good of the country too many such men have gone into uniform, and their talents have not always been fully utilized.

Another difficulty occurs, however. For the biologists, and particularly for the medical scientists, there can be little indecision, for their war has hardly required them to leave the old paths. If the electrical potential on the pointer is varied as it moves, the line becomes light or dark in accordance with the potential.

The pointer draws a set of closely spaced lines across the paper one after another.

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By the use of photocells and microfilm they will survey items at the rate of a thousand a second, and will print out duplicates of those selected. A touch brings up the code book. The Eugenics Record Office was renamed the Genetics Record Office, its funding was drastically cut, and it was closed completely in

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Vannevar Bush and The Limits of Prescience