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According to geographical location, age, occupation, socio-economic status, ethnicity, there are many linguistic varieties. There may even be very distinctive local colorings in the language that we notice as we move from one location to another. Examples are Nigerian Pidgin and Bislama spoken in Vanuatu.

Occupational linguistic varieties of this sort have been termed registers, and are likely to occur in any situation involving members of a particular profession or occupation.

Types of language variation

Sociolects Social dialects or class dialects — spoken by the members of a particular group of stratum of a speech community 13 Major varieties of language contd.. The prestigious dialect is often referred to as one that is used by political leaders and the upper socioeconomic classes; it is the dialect used for literature or printed documents; it is taught in the schools; it is used by the military; and it is propagated by the mass media. A member of a speech community need not have communicative competence in just one speech variety. Such distinctive varieties are usually called regional or geographical dialects of the language. Continue Reading. A huff of exasperation during a debate or a grin while signing "hello" speaks volumes. Exercises 1. The vocabulary of a pidgin comes mainly from one particular language called the 'lexifier'. Every normal adult plays a series of different social roles- one man ,for example, may function at different times as head of a family, motorist, cricketer, member of a religious group, professor and so on, and within his idiolect he has varieties shared by other persons and other idiolects appropriate to these roles. Pidgin: A pidgin is a new language which develops in situations where speakers of different languages need to communicate but don't share a common language.

Types of Lects In addition to the distinctions discussed previously, different types of lects also echo the types of language varieties: Regional dialect: A variety spoken in a particular region.

The inventory of phonemes is generally small, and each phoneme may have many allophonic pronunciations Fromkin and Rodman, : In a speech community, there must be, what we call, standard dialect, namely, a dialect that is used by many speakers of the speech community.

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This gives rise to some of the most persistent myths about language, such as the claim that the people of Appalachia speak pure Elizabethan English. This assumption is based on the fact that a speaker of Banjar Hulu dialect feels ashamed when using his dialect in the environment of Banjar Kuala speech community. Register varieties of language according to use Stylistic functional varieties of a dialect or language narrowly defined by reference to subject matter field of discourse — jargon of fishing, sports etc. What do you know about varieties of language? A dialect taught to nonnative speakers is a standard one. For example, Trudgill suggests the following sentence as an example of a nonstandard dialect that is used with the technical register of physical geography: There was two eskers what we saw in them U-shaped valleys. Theory, Model, Method Language and its varieties The term language or human language is often mixed up with notions like dialect, varieties of language, accent, standard vs. Moreover, the speakers of Banjar Kuala dialect often laugh at those who speak in Banjar Hulua dialect. Dialect contd.. Gleason : Isogloss is a representation of statistical probabilities, a graphic way of portraying a translation of speech characteristics of one area to another, a bundle of isoglosses may be interpreted as marking a zone of great translation of speech.

How's it going? He could be competent in a number of them. This assumption is based on the fact that a speaker of Banjar Hulu dialect feels ashamed when using his dialect in the environment of Banjar Kuala speech community. Conclusion In a monolingual speech community, varieties of a given language may be dialects, speech levels, styles, or other varieties of the language.

In Banjarese Language, for example, we have known the dialects of Banjar Hulu and Banjar Kuala; in Javanese, for example, we have known the dialects of Javanese language of Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Banyumas, and the others.

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Definition and Examples of Language Varieties