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This he implements by drawing a key frameerasing certain areas of it, re-drawing them and thus creating the next frame. Kentridge quotes," My drawings don't start with a 'beautiful mark', It has to be a mark of something out there in the world. And films the erasures and changes.

I think I have shown that it is not the clear light of reason or even aesthetic sensibility which determines how one works, but a constellation of factors only some of which we can change at will. While he does not portray it as the militant or oppressive place that it was for black people, he does not emphasise the picturesque state of living that white people enjoyed during apartheid either; he presents instead a city in which the duality of man is exposed.

With a camera and a roll of film I could be filming the first day, I decided.

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And again and again. Switchboard operators from "Stereoscope", Q: What do you think the social responsibility of the artist is? The films are made by what I think is a relatively unique process: he makes a drawing…. Then he erases it.

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The very term 'new South Africa' has within it the idea of a painting over the old, the natural process of dismembering, the naturalization of things new.

He originally hoped to become an actorbut he reflected later: "I was fortunate to discover at a theatre school that I was so bad an actor [ In an interview with Dan Cameron4, W.

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They were — and are — unlike anything I, who always thought of myself as smart and well-educated — ha! He moved to Paris and studied both mime and theatre for a spell. One must use one's gut reactions as well as one's interpretive skills to find meaning in Kentridge's work, much of which reveals very little actual content. Monument; 4. It need to be something that I could do on my own and cost nothing. And state a belief that somewhere between relying on pure chance on the one hand, and the execution of a programme on the other, lies the most uncertain but the most fertile ground for the work we do [ Have ever seen before, really. Casspirs Full of Love, viewable at the Metropolitan Museum, appears to be nothing more than heads in boxes to the average American viewer, but South Africans know that a casspir is a vehicle used to put down riots, a kind of a crowd-control tank. Switchboard operators from "Stereoscope", Q: What do you think the social responsibility of the artist is? But it is also personal, occasionally painful, and surprisingly emotional. Have ever seen before, really.
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